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If you’re looking for some changes to the scenery when you look at your property, think about changing something to make things look better. 

Property owners typically want to keep their homes and other real estate looking good over time and support good resale values. Also, having the best exterior helps you get a better quality of life while enjoying the outdoors on your property.

Here are some helpful hints about outdoor renovations and home improvement projects that will give your property more curb appeal and functionality.

Patios and Multiuse Outdoor Spaces

You could put a pickleball or tennis court in your yard, but if you don’t have the space, another option is designing a nice front yard or backyard patio. A patio is a space that can be used for lots of things; late-night discussions, outdoor dinner parties, and impromptu ballet recitals, just to name a few. Summertime dining al fresco can give you a new appreciation of you home and outdoor areas!

The key to installing a new patio is having suitable materials and base. A good contractor will know how to use adequate base material to settle the area before installing the pavers or other materials. Then you can have confidence that you’ll be able to enjoy this outdoor structure for years to come.

There’s another new trend, too, that comes along with patio design. More people are installing outdoor grilling stations and elaborate kitchen equipment, along with a patio, gazebo, or other outdoor space.

When you have a roof over part of your patio or paved outdoor area, it’s easier to introduce some systems like fixed grills and put more accessories like refrigerators or utensil racks around them.

Fire Pits

Enjoying a good campfire is often a part of what people want to do at home. Some people have portable chimineas or fire pits, but others install permanently fixed structures with suitable materials and a functional base. This can add pizzazz to a property. You can start enjoying this classic natural element in action (Fire! Flame!) and maybe get rid of some of your old junk mail or cardboard in the bargain. Check out the Smart Furniture selection of fire-pits and outdoor accessories!

Hardscaping Paths

Similarly, people like to use hardscaping designs to add paths or walkways through grass or other outdoor spaces.

There are many ways to do this; some people use a Versailles gardens type of approach, while others want to install something like a “quaternary” design where four paths extend from a central focus point.

Or you might just want a practical way to get from the front to the back of your property without going inside.

You have a lot of choices here, too, as long as you adhere to that fundamental commandment of having the right base. You can install a brick walkway with bricks, either flat or on end (on their sides), that has very little space in between the individual pieces. Over time, you can think about how to control weeds on these types of walkways.

As an alternative, you can install flagstone or pavers and put space between them so that you can actually mow over the pathway and allow for green space between each step. Figure out what makes the most aesthetic sense for your property.

Gutter Additions

Another way to make your exterior look nice is to add functional gutter guards to your existing gutters and downspouts.

Plastic extenders are available to enhance downspouts and direct water away from the property, but you can also get gutter guards that prevent leaves and debris from falling into your gutter system. These types of designs do add value and also make your property look good.

Stone Animals and Gate Designs

Moving from the idea of installing hardscaping pathways, people also like to design gates, pillars, or other systems that look good around homes and outbuildings.

In a vital sense, these additions are often thought of as markers or way stations to help direct people around the property. You can install something like a marble or stone marker engraved with the name of your family, or the name you selected for your estate or some other information like the year the house was built. All of this adds a regal touch to your outdoor architecture.

Flowers, Trees, and Shrubs

Where do you start with an outdoor landscaping design that accentuates your property? One place to start is by outlining the variety of beds you want as unmowed spaces on your exterior. Then you plan for what you put in them and how you maintain it over time. 

Shrubs can be a unique aesthetic to make a property look well-kept or provide privacy. Also, you want to control the growth of old-growth trees around the property and ensure that adequate tree work makes it look like someone lives there.

Another tip is to install interesting stone animals around your property.

Think about these exciting tips for making more out of your outdoor space! Leave your comments on outdoor additions below.

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