5 Ways To Improve the Lighting in Your Home Workspace

Light is crucial for a productive and well-maintained workspace. While desk lights are essential, there is more to the story. Here are the top five ways to improve the lighting in your home workspace.

Use Indirect Light

Harsh, overwhelming office lights are common and stressful. Don’t let this same cold workspace follow you home. Indirect light is the key to a calm and productive work environment. Try using various lampshades to diffuse light and create a softer atmosphere. Indirect light also helps remove glare from work laptops and monitors, making it easier to see the important things.

Consider Other Colors

If you’re bored of the classic plain white or soft white light bulbs, try getting into colorful ones. There is a whole market of varying bulb types and options to keep your space funky. If you’re hesitant to try a colorful workspace, start with a warm yellow light bulb that will help your mornings and evenings feel a bit cozier.

Explore Multiple Locations

Light is all about location. When improving your lighting, you must consider whether you’ll place the light source on the wall, floor, or table. Try moving the light around on these surfaces to achieve the perfect shadows and color space. You can also explore moving the lights at different heights on the wall or from the floor.

Think About More Than the Bulb

There’s more to a lamp than a light bulb. Explore the various types of lamp bodies and shade shapes that will make your space cozier and stylish. It helps to consider the lighting as decoration itself. How can you make your lamp look like an artistic sculpture while also being a functional furniture item?

Always Have a Desk Task Light

When you need to focus or want to brighten something on your desk, you need a task light that hovers directly overhead. Without this focused beam of light, you’ll have a hard time getting work done. A desk-centered task light will give you the options you need for a productive workspace.

Knowing these five ways to improve the lighting in your home workspace will help as you design or reorganize your office. If you want the best in workspace light sources, check out our modern office desk lamp selection online at Smart Furniture today.

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