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When was the last time you remodeled your living room? While kitchens and bathrooms get the most of our renovation budgets, living rooms are essential for every home. Living rooms often entertain guests and are an excellent hideout to sip on wine and read a book. Though they get less use than standard family rooms, they are still prime candidates for upgrades. So, every homeowner should consider a living room remodel at some point. 

Sprucing up your living room may mean simple decor changes or new furniture. To others, it can be a full-scale gut and remodel. Both options can help make your room shine the next time you have friends or family over. So let’s look at five living room remodeling ideas you’ll love.

Open Up The Room 

Gone are the days of stuffy living rooms. Traditionally, living rooms were often closed off from other rooms. The homeowner carefully defined different rooms in the house. This trend made rooms feel small and confined. Luckily, that style disappeared with the popularity of open floor plans. 

Opening the living room will make your house feel more significant, spacious, and inviting.

You can do this by removing non-load-bearing walls in your living room. If your living room shares walls with other rooms in the house, it makes sense to knock them down with the help of a general contractor. A good general contractor can complete these tasks quickly and efficiently. Be sure to review their website to ensure they have the proper experience for your renovation.

Removing these walls will make your living room flow with other rooms of the house, giving it the feel of more ample space. 

Improve Your Windows

Gloomy rooms can make guests feel uncomfortable or, even worse, bored. Getting natural light into the room will be a game-changer. The best way to get natural light is through windows. Several options exist, from brand new windows to skylights to help light up the space. It’s worth consulting a window company to discuss the best options for living room lighting. 

Besides light, updating your windows with energy-efficient options will reduce energy costs. These new windows will also improve the comfort level of the space by regulating temperature. This renovation will energize the room while reducing energy costs.

Choose The Perfect Colors

A fresh coat of paint can go a long way in making your new living room pop. Color adds warmth and personality to your room. Depending on how much time you have, it’s also one of the more straightforward projects to do solo. 

Choosing colors for your living room can be tricky. Many factors, including color theory, mood, and preference, are worth considering. Experts will recommend choosing a neutral color palette— as those colors are classic and timeless. Yet, you can be as bold as you’d like. Whether you’re adding an accent wall or using an off-beat color, this is an opportunity to create a unique space.

Explore Fantastic Flooring Options

Updating old flooring is a surefire way to invigorate your living room. Many flooring options are available today, such as hardwood, laminate, and carpet. Each has its pros and cons, so be sure to weigh these before deciding.

Hardwood flooring

These floors are beautiful, durable, and long-lasting. You can install or hire a professional contractor depending on your skill level. While this flooring is a great option, it can also be expensive.


This flooring type is straightforward to install yourself, and likely doesn’t need a contractor if you have the time. Laminate flooring looks lovely and is simple to maintain. It’s also less expensive than hardwood flooring. In addition, it comes in many colors to match your style. Yet, laminate floors are sensitive to moisture and can damage more easily than hardwood.


There are many advantages to carpeting. It’s durable, looks lovely in most rooms, and is soft under your feet. There are carpets to fit in any price range. But, it doesn’t have the same classic feel as hardwood and is not as easy to clean as laminate. 

Don’t Forget The Furniture

After implementing the remodeling ideas above, it’s time to pick the perfect living room furniture. This furniture should be functional, stylish, comfortable, and durable. It needs to help create a beautiful and relaxing environment for you, your family, and your guests. Furniture types to include are:

Sofa or Sectional – This is one of the essential pieces of furniture for the room. They provide comfort and relaxation. While they can be expensive, it’s well worth finding the right sofa or sectional to fit the look and feel of your living room. Be sure to consider couches that are easy to clean, have good back support, and come with a warranty.

SeatingLounge chairs, accent chairs, recliners, and ottomans are all options to complement the sofa or sectional in the room. These will also help seat more extensive groups of people using the living room. Pick high-quality seating that fits your room’s look and feel.

Coffee or End Tables – These tables help complete the room’s look. They provide great functionality by allowing you to set your drink or book down. Also, pick a set of coasters that match the table to add protection from drinks.

Storage – Bookcases, modular shelves, and utility cabinets are crucial to the style of the room. You can use shelving to display anything from family photos to the perfect sculpture. In addition, floating bookshelves can add an extra flair to the room.

Final Thoughts

While other rooms command more renovation budget, the living room is an essential room of the house that you shouldn’t overlook. There are several remodeling options to improve this room.

Gloomy living rooms are a primary candidate to open up and combine with other rooms. Installing new windows brings more natural light into the space, making it less dreary. Choosing the perfect colors will add personality to the room and allow you to be bold. Adding new flooring options like hardwood or laminate flooring is a fantastic way to rejuvenate the space. Last, adding the proper furniture can further revitalize the room.

These ideas will improve the style of your living room, making it a lovely space for friends and family.

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