5 Great Tips for Reorganizing Your Home Office

A well-kept, well-organized workspace can help you work more efficiently. Getting rid of clutter relieves anxiety, allowing you to focus on your work rather than the messiness. It is beneficial to establish organizing methods to prevent miscellaneous items from accumulating. Having a place for everything will help you feel more organized and prepared to take on any assignment that comes your way. To help you get the most out of your workspace, here are five great tips for reorganizing your home office!

Sweep Your Desk Clean

Cleaning your office will help you become more organized. The ideal place to begin is at your desk, which is where you spend the most time in your office. Do you have stacks of documents, rainbow-colored mountains of Post-its, and piles of office supplies buried beneath your desk? Begin with a blank slate. Remove all items from your desk, except for your computer, printer, and phone. It’s possible that this is the first time you’ve looked at your desk in a long time. If you have several years’ worth of dust, take advantage of this opportunity to clean your desk and vacuum below it.

Then go over everything on your desk again. Think about how often you use each item. Do you use it about once a day, once a week, once a month, or never? Put something aside if you don’t utilize it at least every week. You may find new homes for all the supplies and other items you’ve relocated once you’ve organized the remainder of your office, which we’ll get into below.

Use a Filing Cabinet

Purchasing a filing cabinet is an excellent method to increase the amount of space available in your home office. Invest in a fireproof cabinet that also locks and protects your valuable documents from ending up stolen or damaged. For very crucial documents like birth certificates, marriage certificates, passports, and automobile titles, you need a lockable fireproof container. You might also keep these documents in the safety deposit box at your bank. Purchase a four-drawer filing cabinet to enhance storage space. You don’t want your filing cabinet to crack or fall on your foot, so make sure it’s strong.

Once you’ve obtained your cabinet, it’s time to start filling it. You might as well refrain from buying the filing cabinet in the first place if you plan to toss everything inside haphazardly. So for the primary categories, use hanging folders. You can separate folders based on whether the documents inside them are client, financial, medical, or other records. Subdivide your materials into discrete files within those folders. Then, make a system for organizing your files. You can go with an alphabetical, numerical, or color-coded system based on your preferences. Every file should have a label and sit in its designated location in the filing cabinet so that you don’t have to look for it when you actually need it.

Curb Cable Clutter

Every time you walk into your office, do you trip over a tangle of wires and cables? Too many wires underfoot are not only tripping hazards, but they may also be fire hazards that make your office even more untidy. Put away or get rid of any electronic devices you use occasionally or no longer use at all to lessen the number of wires in your path. Reduce cable clutter by using as many wireless devices as possible, such as your mouse, keyboard, and printer. A USB hub is another alternative, as it allows you to connect multiple devices to your computer with just one USB connection. To prevent a power surge, you should connect your remaining wires to a surge-protected power bar.

Plug the remaining cords into a surge-protected power bar to prevent your computers and other equipment from frying during an electrical storm or power surge. Use cable ties, clamps, clips, or Velcro wraps (available at your local office supply store) to keep the remaining cords together and out of the way. Make sure the cables are behind your desk, against a wall, and away from open sections of your floor where someone can trip over them by routing them through the hole in your desk.

Keep Important Accessories Handy

When you must dig through your desk or get up and move to your filing cabinet to look for things you use frequently, you waste time. Even if your desk is somewhat clean already, it will not remain so for long. You’ll be adding to the mess every time you bring out an item you need and then leave it on your desk. Keep your most crucial tools close at hand at all times. Put your dictionary, calendar, and any frequently used books on a shelf behind or near your desk. Likewise, keep files for current projects in a file holder on your desk.

Organize your pens, pencils, rubber bands, paper clips, sticky notes, Wite-Out, and tape in your top desk drawer with a caddy, tray, or another organizer. Throw out any pens that are broken or out of ink, paper clips that are bent out of shape, and any materials that are empty or that you know you won’t use before putting them in the drawer.

Relocate Personal Items

You can’t get enough of that adorable photo of your spouse and son on their recent fishing trip, but does it really need to be in the center of your desk? Remove everything from your desk that isn’t directly relevant to your task. Photos, publications, greeting cards, awards, plants, coffee mugs, and souvenirs are all examples of these things. Some of these goods can still be in your office, only in a more remote location.

Have a cherished photo of your family framed and hung on the wall above your workstation. Then, you can look at it every day without having to create a free space for it. You can place plants on a windowsill or top of a filing cabinet, or you can hang them from ceiling hooks. In the same vein, make a display shelf for your prizes and mementos.

We hope you have enjoyed our five great tips for reorganizing your home office! You may be looking to update your office with a new office furniture piece, such as a sit-stand desk, office credenza, or file cabinet. If so, then be sure to reach out to Smart Furniture today! We also have interior designers on staff who can help you arrange the perfect office space.

5 Great Tips for Reorganizing Your Home Office

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