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by Kiley Morrow

So you’re working from home. Neat, right?

Some people feel like this model works well for them. They like the informal experience and the freedom to manage their household while they’re simultaneously pursuing their career. Other people feel claustrophobic and trapped. They may feel like it’s hard to get motivated or create a work/life boundary while working out of their homes.

In some cases, the difference between these viewpoints has to do with your environment. So how do you create rockin’ work-from-home spaces that will get you inspired and ready to go?

Here are several excellent work-from-home ideas that will get you closer to your remote work career goals.

Maximize Light

You can’t carve another window into your work-from-home space — and you may not have a lot of windows to start with. 

However, you can accentuate the natural light you have with positioning that gets you close to existing windows. Think about putting your desk right smack in front of a place where the golden light of the sun shines down on you! You may need to put up a visor or other shield at certain times of the day, but then again, you might just see your motivation and well-being skyrocket because instinctively, we want to be close to natural light. You can also supplement that natural light with sun lamps or bright sources of electric luminosity.

Will it make a difference? You bet. You’ll see how the additional light fires you up and affects your brain chemistry. People in gloomy parts of the world use this strategy to help deal with seasonal affective disorder. That means they’re not getting the sunlight and vitamin D they crave, and they don’t feel motivated.  It’s a way to boost your productivity and re-create your work-from-home space in your own way.

Minimize Intrusion

Here’s another tip: Make sure you furnish your work-from-home space in a way that promotes healthy workflows and motivation.

If you’re like many people who suddenly set up an office at home, you’re probably working out of your bedroom. That means figuring out how the furniture in your bedroom coexists with your work environment. Some people talk about “feng shui” as a design idea, but in this case, you’re also dealing with actual questions of logistics: how, for example, your bed and bedroom furniture might serve as multi-use spaces, and how you can navigate a work environment that you also sleep in.

For starters, work with your mattress dimensions, bed frame dimensions, and other aspects accordingly. Think about bed frame dimensions, and how your dresser and other furniture fit into your work-from-home space. Better demarcation can make you feel better about your “very short commute” from the desk to the bed and back again.

The Dynamic Desk

Here’s another great tip for a modern work-from-home space.

The old days were the era of the rolltop desk and big, mammoth structures that reflected a person’s career position and social status. They had lots of drawers for things like staplers, hole punchers, pens and pencils, and so on.

Things are different now; we’re in the digital age, and most of what you need for work will fit in your laptop. At the same time, we’re at a different stage in our societal development, and we’re looking at our health and work differently.

Specifically, people now say “sitting is the new smoking.” They talk about the negative health effects of sitting at a desk for hours and hours at a time. They implore people to take quick breaks to get up and get their circulation going.

With that in mind, a dynamic desk is a small investment that can make a huge difference in your life. A dynamic standing/sitting desk or ergonomic desk model allows you to stagger your positioning, sitting, or standing at will. You can even keep moving with a foot machine. This may seem like a small thing, but it’s absolutely huge in relation to your health, longevity, and range of motion over the years.

Build In a Snack Bar

Want a way to supercharge your workday? Build a snack bar into your work-at-home environment.

Again, make it unobtrusive. Make it a small space where you can stow away healthy snacks, including water and healthy beverages, as well as nuts or vegetables and other healthy choices.

You’ll see how these work-from-home additions can complement your deliberate design to help you feel better every day in your new remote work setup. These tips can help you rethink the way you pursue a workflow in the familiar comfort of your own home. Use your own creative ideas, too, and make your space one that reflects you and your values, and what makes sense for your work style.

Kiley took a leap of faith when she quit her 9-5, got out her laptop and became a freelance writer. Since then, she has found her passion for writing valuable as she shares travel and lifestyle articles with various blogs to help people all around the world.

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