4 Ways To Bring a Splash of Color to Your Living Room

Your interior design decisions directly impact and dictate the way a room feels. The angles, colors, and object density all contribute to your emotional experience of a room. With the continuous aftershocks of pandemic life and its long-term work-from-home implications, you can bet that you’ll be spending more time at home than before.

Don’t let a bland or dreary living space get in the way of your emotional well-being and at-home happiness, especially when you live within those four walls for longer each day. Explore these four ways to bring a splash of color to your living room.

Paintings, Posters, and Photos

Artwork is one of the simplest, most refined, and intimately personal ways to add color to your living room. Imagine a living room with no color, no personal mementos, and no artful inspiration—drab, right? Try spicing up your living room with a mix of artistic paintings, prints or posters, and family photos. The more reminders of beauty, family, and life you have in your living room, the brighter your space will look and feel.

Add More Furniture

Furniture pieces are actually the largest contributors of color in your living room. There are no other surfaces large enough to display a singular color. Though you may have a patterned couch, there is no escaping the furniture-base colorfulness in your living room. While you may not be ready to replace your sofa, you can contribute color with items like modern living room accent chairs that freshen your style and bring a new flavor to your home.

Incorporate Accent Décor

You may not want to revamp your entire living room, but you can add bits of color with accent items. Throw pillows and accent lights are a great place to start with your living room restyling. Remember to choose accent items that are cohesive with each other or with your main theme. The last thing you want to do is have a bunch of random throw pillows that suddenly destabilize your elegant space.

Paint, With a Twist

Sure, you could repaint your living room a new color, and that fun would last for a while. However, that newness would end eventually, and you’ll feel stuck with a new color that you spent hours painting everywhere. Instead of committing all the way to one color, you can try painting only one wall. Though this may sound like a haphazard use of hue, it’s a trending style that even a minimalist household can incorporate.

Remember these four ways to bring a splash of color to your living room and make the most of your space. The more newness you bring into your home, the easier it will be to craft a personal sense of colorful flavor. If you need help finding furniture to spruce up your living room, reach out to our experts at Smart Furniture today. We’re more than happy to help you find a beautiful piece inspired by international designers that will change the tone of your room.

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