4 Décor Tips To Style a Coffee Table Like a Professional

Whether you like to stay up to date on interior design trends or you enjoy the look of a put-together home, it never hurts to restyle your living room. As one of the largest surfaces in that room, your coffee table serves as a central point for the room’s style, cleanliness, and function. Discover four décor tips to style a coffee table like a professional.

Prioritize Décor

In many homes, the coffee table acts only as a practical space. It’s where you put your crafts, cups, and TV dinners. One of the best ways to professionally style your coffee table is to prioritize décor on the surface. Add a vase with flowers, a large-print table book, or a tea tray with saucers to give your table a styled look. However, you don’t want to overdo the decoration and make the space unusable. It’s a coffee table, after all, and should have space for a hot beverage.

Organize It in Sections

Most coffee tables extend a few feet, offering plenty of space for mugs, books, plates, crafts, and more. While this multifunctional area is a great catchall, its size lends itself to haphazard arrangements if you’re not careful. Avoid rampant clutter by organizing your coffee table in sections. Create dedicated areas for your vase, coasters, and table books. With clear boundaries, it’s easier to keep your coffee table use in check.

Think About Height

Coffee tables encourage us to think about the width and length of a space, but what about the height? Consider ways you can boost the elegance and style of your living room with contrasting décor emphasizing tall and short aspects. This will bring a depth you can’t achieve without vertical differentiation.

Look Alive

Coffee tables give you a chance to pull together objects like books, vases, and more as décor. However, this central surface in your home is a great place to put something living. Find ways to incorporate a vase with living flowers or a few small succulents. With a table full of life, you bring an added dimension of warmth and thoughtfulness.

Remember these four décor tips to style a coffee table like a professional. The more ideas you implement, the more sophisticated your coffee table will become. Take your first step toward living room inspiration with one of our high-end modern coffee tables from Smart Furniture. If you have any questions about our selection, reach out to our team of interior design experts today.

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