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Working from home is a great situation for some who’ve never experienced a better work-life balance until now. However, a home office for more than one person can feel claustrophobic and disorganized. Instead of bickering over stacks of paper and misplaced essentials, you should establish simple storage and organization rules for the home office. Explore these three storage tips for couples sharing a home office and implement them today.

Separate File Drawers

The easiest way to save space while maximizing storage is with separate file drawers. Depending on your home office size and setup, you may only have room for one filing cabinet or storage credenza. No matter what form of home office storage furniture you choose, you should decide who will occupy which file drawer. With a clear system in place, you’ll never lose track of your critical files in a stack of mixed papers.

Color-Coded System

Though you have the physical space parsed out, you may still share certain “public” spaces or overlapping drawers. In that case, it’s best to have a color-coded system for each partner. Whether you implement this distinction with sticky notes, stickers, or colorful folders, the important part is to ensure you have a thorough system marking each item or file. That way, you won’t lose track of your work essentials in a sea of your partner’s items.

Connect to a Cloud

There is another storage aspect related to work: digital storage. When you work from home, you likely have two computers using the same Wi-Fi and, potentially, the same external hard drive. Instead of fighting over cords and file organization, utilize virtual storage space. Connecting to a cloud-based service enables you and your partner to make the most of your work without interfering with each other’s files and data storage.

Using these three storage tips for couples sharing a home office can drastically improve your mental well-being, work productivity, and relational closeness. While you may need the office to yourself at times, setting up systems of organization and parameters for office work is a surefire way toward a healthier work-life balance with your better half. If you need some storage inspiration for your home office, explore our home office storage furniture online at Smart Furniture today.

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