3 Easy Lighting Tips To Keep Your Home Office “Zoom Ready”

Working from home presents various problems. But you need to do some planning and preparation to establish a comfortable working environment that accommodates video conferencing. Now is the moment to upgrade your home office lighting as Zoom calls grow more regular. Stop relying on the light from your screen to illuminate your face. Instead, follow our instructions for a quick and easy way to look professional. Here are three easy lighting tips to keep your home office “Zoom ready.”

Keep Lights Indirect

Avoid working under the direct glare of overhead lights. Look for techniques to filter the ambient light to highlight your working environment instead. A downward-shining floor lamp bounces light off the walls and ceiling, while lampshades soften and scatter otherwise harsh light. The idea is to brighten the entire room without causing too much glare or contrast. You also want to avoid casting shadows.

Set Up Task Lighting

For computer work, paperwork, and Zoom calls, you must choose a well-defined light source dedicated to what you’re doing. A desk lamp that’s adjustable or articulated can provide light exactly where you need it while also supporting various jobs. Set up specific task lighting for each workstation if your home office has numerous workstations. For example, get lighting for a desk for computer and phone work, a filing area, and a table where you stream your Zoom calls.

Eliminate Glare and Shadows

Always think about where your light comes from. When you operate on your computer, a light source behind you will almost surely cause an uncomfortable glare on your monitor. Similarly, keep an eye out for unwanted shadows that task lighting bulbs generate. For example, if you write with your right hand, and the task light is also on the right, your hand and arm may cast shadows. When arranging your workspace, keep in mind the location of windows and light sources to minimize the number of unnecessary shadows that might make video calls look bad.

We hope this article has helped you get some great tips to keep your home office “Zoom ready!” If you’re looking to upgrade your current lighting for some modern floor standing lamps or table lamps, be sure to visit Smart Furniture! We have an expansive selection of furniture to truly make any space yours.

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