Everyone has a preferred dining style.

Ask five people what they want their dining rooms to look like, and you’re likely to get five different responses. The dining room is where you entertain your friends, host birthday parties, have a cup of coffee with the morning paper, and play a game with your kids. It’s the location for the most memorable celebrations and the least noteworthy evening meals.

Because you use it every day, you want a dining room that suits your style. We’ve put together 12 dining room looks to inspire you – and maybe even motivate you to express your style in your own dining room.

1. European Style Dining


You’re a minimalist who’s prone to excess. You like a comfortable seat without any frills. You want a nice, solid slab of wood to support your dishes and anchor your style.

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2. Cool Iconic Dining


You like the way the word “Eames” rolls off your tongue. “Nelson” is another good one. Like good wine, those two can be paired with almost anything and make it look good. Rich veneer, molded plastic, and sexy, sexy steel legs.

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3. Casual & Communal Dining


You’re not always sure how many will be crowding around your table tonight. But you know you’ll be able to fit them all. Glossy wood veneer brings vibrancy to the simple, sleek modern forms that you’ve fallen in love with.

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4. Mod & Monochrome Dining Gallery


You won’t go quite so far as to say you’re a minimalist. But you’ll definitely embrace contemporary two-tone coloring and modern materials. You want a dining style that is as strikingly presented as the rest of your home.

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5. Simple Supper Dining


You’re laid-back – but at the same time, you love tradition. You don’t have many to feed, but when you’re around the table you want comfort. Here’s a must: you need to be able to dress your dining room up when the occasion demands it.

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6. Coastal Brunch Dining


Your dining room is where you become most idealistic. And your ideal is a home by the ocean. Maybe you even have a home by the ocean. So it’s only fitting that, when you dine, you want your decor to evoke the scent of the sea and the cool breeze at the end of the pier.

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7. American Classic Dining


Heritage. Tradition. Fine craftsmanship. All these things need to be present in your dining style. From the delicate pattern of your area rug to the burnished sheen of the furniture’s wood frames, this dining room is the apex of elegance.

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8. Bold & Crisp Dining


You’re not looking for anything fancy. What you are looking for is a room full of capable, heirloom-quality furniture that suits your casual modern style. Comfort is important, though – so remember that upholstery doesn’t have to compromise clean lines.

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9. Sophisticated Provincial Dining


La campagne Française – the French countryside – is calling you. You’re in love with rustic simplicity in the hands of master craftsmen. The way wooden legs can arc in just the right way to soften the look; the curl of an armrest; the broad expanse of a solid wood top. And don’t forget the carved mouldings. Magnifique!

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10. Sculptural & Contemporary Dining


You’ve seen Mid-Century modern, and it’s great … but you want your dining room to have a fresher look. And you really like wood. A lot. You’ve always appreciated balance, symmetry, and daring sculptural style elements.

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11. Retro Modern Dining


You’ve seen the new stuff, and it’s left you cold. You’ve seen the old stuff, and it’s too stuffy for you. The in-between stuff is where it’s at. In-between like Saarinen. In-between like pedestal bases and sleek marble tops. You’ll take clean white over wood any day of the week.

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12. Formal & Elegant Dining


Presentation is everything. The dishes you’re setting in front of your friends are well-presented, so the furniture needs to meet the occasion. Straight backed chairs, an extending dining table, and formal dark wood finishes set the mood. Everything is ready – it’s time to light the candles.

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What dining style are you? See all 21 styles here and find your match.

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