Work at Smart Furniture- Job Posting

Work at Smart Furniture- Job Posting


We want to hire that right somebody right away, so I’ll cut to the chase; we’re hiring for the newly designated position of ┬áMarketing and Product Development Associate. This person’s main role at Smart Furniture will be to help us expand our product offering, implement effective content online, and contribute in untold positive ways to the betterment of our team.

The official job posting is here if you want more deats, but here’s the short sell: this position will expose you to everything you ever wanted to know about selling furniture on the internet. You’ll work around intelligent, creative people, and I bet you’ll be generally fond of all of them. On top of that, you can’t help but learn about the mechanics behind the internet and online shopping, and some of it is pretty interesting.

So if you’re diligent, can string a sentence together, and want to be part of a growing team, hit us up.

Matt Wood

My name's Matt. My Facebook page says I'm a "Web Stuff Guy" at, so that's about as precise as I can get. I've lived in Chattanooga about 5 years and spent most of them with Smart Furniture.