Winter Hibernation: Tips and Essentials for Surviving the Cold

Winter Hibernation: Tips and Essentials for Surviving the Cold

Bears do it. Bumblebees do it. Bats do it … so why don’t we? With the  polar vortex causing dropping temperatures, weather advisories, ice-covered streets, and frozen water pipes, hibernating at home is not far from the mind. Winter months cause our mammalian instinct to hibernate to shift into high gear.

We may not burrow in the ground like bumblebees, or huddle together in a cave like bats, or cozy up in a hollow tree like some bears, but hibernating for us is a bit like nesting. There are a few essentials to make your winter hibernation at home feel like less of a drag.

Hibernation Tip #1: Conserve Warmth

Find a comfy lounge chair or sectional sofa that you don’t mind spending the season on. Grab a cozy throw blanket and pillow.


This Eames Lounge Chair & Ottoman definitely tops the list of hibernation-worthy chairs.



The Gus Modern Jarvis Bisectional is perfect for a cold day indoors.
Find more Gus Modern seating on sale until January 31.


surya throw

The Tobias Throw is the quintessential way to wrap up for the winter months.
Make sure you have one.


Hibernation Tip #2: Get Entertained

With all this time indoors, entertain yourself with all those movies that debuted over the summer … that you missed. You’ll need the perfect home theater console.



To find the perfect entertainment center for your home, browse through our Home Theater Collections. With the Winter Olympics just weeks away and snow in the forecast it will be essential during cold evenings at home.


Hibernation Tip #3: Re-structure, Re-organize, and Re-arrange

With all this time spent inside, you’ll begin to want to organize your dwelling. Find some of our organization tips here.




For more ways to beat the winter blues visit our Winter Winners page. It is equipped with a mood lighting gallery (the right lighting can help you combat the early nights we’ve been experiencing) and some of our favorite cozy necessities.

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