Vitra Sale Happening Now

Well folks, we’re half way through the annual Vitra Sale where everything is 15% off with free shipping and no tax (for those of you who don’t share the great state of TN with us) so order now! Or wait until the last minute and order on the 18th of October. Either way, if you’ve been eyeing a set of Panton Chairs or a cool Nelson Clock pull the trigger. There are also lots of Vitra products not online that we can order for you like the HAL chairs or Medamorph Conference Table. In the very least, you should get a Vitra Chairless. Basically, its a strap that comfortably supports your knees and back like a chair when sitting crossed-legged. Its great for festivals and events where carrying a chair would be cumbersome. Buy Vitra, Support Italy and!

Karen Culp

Visual designer, Creative Director, photographer hobbyist and former collegiate tennis player. Canadian grown, I'm proud to make Chattanooga my home. Other activities include being a mom, road biking, tennis, running (after my toddler), cooking, baking cookies, often photographing the food I cook, and sometimes blogging about it.