Vitra Price Increase Coming

Vitra Price Increase Coming

Vitra Eames Elephant at Smart FurnitureWith every New Year comes changes. Some good, some bad. We love bringing our customers the best possible prices, but tomorrow,¬†Vitra prices everywhere are going up. ¬†Across the country and across the interwebs, classics like the Eames Elephant and House Bird will be more expensive. If we used emoticons, we’d insert a frowning face here.

So while Vitra isn’t having a sale, their prices are going up, and really soon! In that sense, if you were to jump ahead a week in the future and look back, it’d look like the prices we’re offering today were on sale…. That makes sense, right? The bottom line is that, as times change, so do prices; Vitra prices are going up. So buy today and enjoy a better price than you will in just 24 hours.

Eames House Bird by Vitra at Smart FurnitureConsider yourself advised, warned, clued in and given an appropriate heads up. Vitra prices are increasing, soon. Order at lower prices today while you still can!

Chris Wilson

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