USA Made

USA Made

This is the season of Red, White, and Blue.
Check out this July 4th Smart Space Collage


There has been a shift in the minds of most Americans; we want to eat local and seasonal foods, to support American-made products and brands, and to purchase American-made items. Whether the motivation is patriotic, economical, environmental, or ethical, the USA Made trend is here to stay. Smart Furniture is proud to carry some an array of original American designs and brands with unique aesthetics and voices. To celebrate our Nation’s Birthday, we did an American-Made Round Up, for those of you who are inspired to keep your home outfitted with furnishings from U.S. Soil.



If our American Made Products Map has inspired you to do some patriotic decorating in your home – Start by creating a Smart Space. Below is a living room created with all USA Made items. It includes Copeland from Vermont, Herman Miller from Michigan, True Modern from California, and Smart Shelves from good ole Tennessee. The North, South, East, and West are united in one space. Now it is your turn to create your American Dream Room in Smart Space.


USA Made Living Room in Smart Space

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