The Steelcase Sale is Almost Here!

The Steelcase Sale is Almost Here!

Steelcase Sale at Smart Furniture If you’ve been around for a bit, you probably know by now that many furniture manufacturers have regular sales – and Steelcase is no exception. They do a big sale, 15% off all their stuff, twice a year. Well, guess what time it is? That’s right – the Semi-Annual Steelcase Sale starts on Monday, February 4th. On February 18th, the discount goes away and you’re back to paying full price for great office furniture like the Think Chair and the Bivi collection.

Bivi Office for One - Steelcase Sale

Bivi Office for One

What’s included in the Steelcase sale, you ask? This is the really nice part. You see, all of their offerings are on sale. That includes Turnstone office collections, accessories, and high-end furniture from Coalesse. Also included are all the fully-featured task chairs from Steelcase.

If I was looking for an office chair or a desk (for a small office or home, it doesn’t matter – Steelcase has ’em all), I’d be interested to know that many items have free shipping, and would ship really quickly. That’s the case with all of their task chairs (Think, Leap, etcetera) and most of their smaller furniture. Imagine that: order a custom-configured fabric Leap Chair, for example, and it’ll be at your door within 5-7 business days of your purchase – with no shipping cost to you at all.

Think Chair - Steelcase Sale

Think Chair

Last week, we blogged Matt’s review of the Leap Chair. Let’s just say that he liked it. We’ll be blogging an employee review of the Think Chair this week running up to the Steelcase Sale so if you’re interested in finding out more about that oh-so-good-looking chair, stay tuned. Or, if you’d like to skip ahead of the class, the Think review is already on our site. It’s not cheating if no one sees you do it, I promise.

Remember – the Steelcase Sale starts on Monday, February 4th. Mark your calendars! It’ll be over before you know it.

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