The Smart Furniture Daily Haiku

The Smart Furniture Daily Haiku


So if you follow Smart Furniture on Twitter (if you don’t yet, you should!) you have probably, over the last month, seen some delightful little Haiku poems written by some of our staff. This was all inspired by April being National Poetry Month here in the US. So the start of April kicked off a month long fest of these tweet-sized poems perfect for sharing with you. If you’re unfamiliar with the Haiku style of poem (and if the picture above doesn’t help), it is as follows:

5 syllables for the first line,
7 for the second, and
5 for the third.

Here’s a recap of some of our favorite #SFDailyHaikus:

“It rained this morning.
People drove poorly and I
Got pretty angry.”

“Smart Space is Neat-o,
T.J is our CEO,
Yay, Chattanooga.”

“We add more people
New faces in the office
Restroom occupied”

“Drive Melanie’s Car
Take corners on two wheels
Dog hair on my clothes”

“Some folks say Haiku,
I say, “Hey you, be cool, dude.”
They never listen.”

This little project also inspired some of of the team to communicate in Haiku form in emails. Here’s a sample of a “Haiku Battle” between Luke in IT and Christian, CSR:


“Oh, Christian.  My Friend,
Mr. “English Major” Man
You were not the first.

Long before you came,
Haiku flowed as the river
Through Company Mail

Yet, they were lonely.
Five-Seven-Fives had no friends,
None had responses.

So, Bring it, I say!
Let the verses flow like wine
It is a Write Off!”


“This may be true, but
That others have used true form
Weakens not my drive.

Your Haikus are streams,
compared to mine like oceans,
Ever prescient, they.

My lines are deep too,
Far deeper than a river
Deeper than your stream.

I am a giant
known far and wide as the best.
Your Haikus are flawed.

Your ever flowing
stream of fluid to the can,
Trickles like your words.

I’m a waterfall,
in beauty, scope, and sight too.
You are nothing, bro

Thus my short retort
Shall cripple your pride and soul.
I’ll rise to the clouds.”

This went on for … well, too long. But it ended in brilliant 5-7-5 form by both Luke and Christian in happy Haiku verse.

I think we’ll keep up with the sporadic Haiku on twitter even though April has ended. So follow us on Twitter and keep your eyes and feeds peeled for our next #SF #Haiku. And if you’re feeling really ambitious, tweet your own Haiku to us!

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