Steelcase Sale: 15% Off, February 4th – 18th

Steelcase Sale: 15% Off, February 4th – 18th


After reading the title of this post you’ve probably figured out that there’s a Steelcase sale going on now. I try to be obvious like that. And, if you’ve been hoping to give your office a facelift, 15% off all Steelcase products is welcome news! After all, they’re the world’s largest office furniture manufacturer (a title they’ve held since 1968, by the way). They know their business, it would seem – and their furniture has a reputation for quality and durability. So here’s a sample of some of the great stuff you can take home on the cheap during this two-week sale.

1. Bivi by Turnstone (one of Steelcase’s daughters). Not just a cool name, and not just a pretty face, Bivi is a complete, fully modular desk and storage system. It’s really perfect for home or office, and not many desks can hit that combo. And if that’s not endorsement enough you can watch this video that’ll give you an idea of just how kick butt Bivi really is. And it’s on sale! Jump on it, y’all.

2. Think Chair. You know how people love to talk about the breathability of their office chairs? Well, Think’s got it in spades. The back is mesh (unless you choose an upholstered back, but even that is really breathable). The seat, with a thin layer of foam and a system of supports underneath it that make it feel like you’re sitting on a pillow, lets a lot more air through than its appearance indicates. And we don’t need to talk about its looks; I’ll just show you a picture.

Think Chair at Smart Furniture

3. Currency Desk and Return. This Steelcase sale is a strong sale – and not just because of the discount. Here’s what I mean by strong: an entire troop of monkeys could dance on top of this desk, and it wouldn’t notice. You’d notice, though, because monkeys are super messy. You’d have to call in professional cleaners. But the desk would be just fine, and the monkeys wouldn’t be able to open the locked file drawers. See? Now you know that this is the only desk for you.

Currency Desk

4. Let’s not forget the one thing that probably makes the most difference: free shipping for most items. Some of the larger, heavier stuff is excluded, but even that is free if you’re shipping it to a business. It’s like a sale on top of the sale. So don’t wait! Shop the Steelcase sale at Smart Furniture.

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