Steelcase Sale: 10% Off is RAD

Steelcase Sale: 10% Off is RAD


I don’t know about you, but the first stop I make when online shopping is the SALE tab. Finding items I’ve much longed for on sale is like discovering a mirage in the desert to be an actual flourishing oasis. Nothing is stopping me from shopping bliss when I discover such sale items. If  you have been desiring an update in your office, studio, or study … our Steelcase Sale is for you. All of our Steelcase products are 10% OFF starting today and running through April 12. So if the Easter bunny skipped your basket take the reins and find your own treats.

Loving on the versatile Leap Chair

One of the most stellar pieces straight from the Steelcase Sale is the Leap Chair. Here at Smart Furniture we love the Leap Chair because it doesn’t box you in by making your workspace look like a robot cave. You can create your own identity with the Leap Chair. It is like the art teacher you had in Middle School who urged you to embrace your weird factor. You can pick a bold color, or add arm rests and even a head rest. It’s the most radical customizable chair. Your art teacher would be most impressed.

Bivi Table for Two

The Bivi Table for Two can be added onto easily

Another awesome piece from Turnstone, which is featured in the Smart Furniture Steelcase Sale, is the Bivi Collection . The entire collection puts you in the designer’s chair, as you can build out your workspace with their adaptable – yet modern – components. In teacher terms, the Bivi Collection is that cool physics teacher who pushed you to understand the elements of reality. The blow-your-mind part of Bivi is that your newly constructed workspace can be deconstructed and rearranged to meet your needs, whether it be for expansion or simply aesthetic purposes. Here at Smart Furniture headquarters, Matt and Chris have set up their workspace with the Bivi Table for Two, of which I am most envious. It is sleek and modern, while giving them both much-needed table top space.

Later this week, I’ll be posting about the creative workspace. So be on the lookout … and in the meantime, check out the Steelcase sale!

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