Spring Color Palette: Pastels!

Spring Color Palette: Pastels!

After months of dressing in dark colors, pulling thick drapes over windows, and hiding under mountains of throw blankets, nothing feels more refreshing than breaking out our favorite light and airy pieces for Spring!

The time has come to throw open the shades, fold up the throws, and lock up the coat closet because Spring is here and with it comes new beginnings from wardrobes to living rooms. This year’s up and coming trend has been seen everywhere from the runway to the streets, and I know I’m feeling constantly inspired by this super refreshing look. How do you get it? Pastels, of course! This palette is remarkably versatile too. So although pastels may seem feminine, they can add a chic and sophisticated touch in small doses. Blues, yellows, and greys are perfect for achieving these looks and still remain masculine.

So, how will you spruce up for Spring? Whether you decide on a complete room makeover or a simple pop of pastel, this soothing look is a fantastic way to usher in Spring and the warmer weather! Take a look:




IN THE MIX: Womb Chair / Pillow / Rug

GET THE LOOK: Bertoia Side Chair / Saarinen Dining Table / Pillow / Pillow / Throw / Vase


Catharine Coll

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