Spring Cleaning In Chattanooga – Causeway’s Clean and Green Is Back

Spring Cleaning In Chattanooga – Causeway’s Clean and Green Is Back



We have officially dubbed April “Spring Cleaning Month” here at Smart Furniture – and what better way to kick it off than by starting with an effort to clean up the city we call home? Interested in making a difference for cleanliness here locally? Tomorrow, April 6, is a designated “Clean and Green Day” downtown! For more details, visit the Cause here.

2012-04-21 10.44.44

We have participated in cleaning up our own block on the last few
Clean and Green days and had a blast!

Never heard of it? Well … let me tell you!

Causeway, River City Company, Chattanooga Neighborhood Enterprise, and other local partners have teamed up to continue the efforts of the Clean and Green program downtown to encourage and engage neighborhoods, businesses, organizations, workers, and patrons to take action to keep our downtown Chattanooga community clean and safe. How do they do it? Volunteer teams are recruited or formed by businesses to come out on designated cleanup days and take on major eyesore projects. By the end of the day, hundreds of volunteers have donated their weekend time and worked toward a more beautiful, cleaner, and safer downtown. How cool is that?

2012-04-21 10.00.36

The result: a very clean SF parking lot after the day was done!

 So if you’re interested in participating but aren’t a part of a team, come downtown tomorrow morning between 8 A.M. and Noon to Miller Plaza and ask where you can help out. Or just look for the people in the fluorescent yellow shirts and join them … trust me, you’ll see us everywhere! Learn more.

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