Sorry Mom, I Went to Jail.

A wise man warned me “I don’t know a lot about prison, but I’m pretty sure you need to beat the heck out of someone on your first day in. If she ain’t cryin, you ain’t survivin’.”

Fortunately, I made it through the Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA) Executive Lock Up unscathed. Law enforcement picked me up from the headquarters and escorted me (in the front seat of the police car = lame) to the Doubletree Hotel in downtown Chattanooga for a solicitation-filled lunch. I successfully raised more than $800 for the worthy cause and have a new t-shirt souvenir along with good karma and the silent thanks of the many kids affected by muscular dystrophy. Everyone at chipped in, along with my friends and family to support. I am so proud of the group of folks I get to hang out with every day, they really are as great as you might imagine. If you would like to contribute to this champion cause click here. Either way, I hope you enjoyed seeing me in handcuffs.

Karen Culp

Visual designer, Creative Director, photographer hobbyist and former collegiate tennis player. Canadian grown, I'm proud to make Chattanooga my home. Other activities include being a mom, road biking, tennis, running (after my toddler), cooking, baking cookies, often photographing the food I cook, and sometimes blogging about it.