SmartSpace: Smarter, Faster, Simpler

SmartSpace: Smarter, Faster, Simpler

SmartSpace has made its way onto our product pages, and we’re happy to say that it rocks just as hard as we thought it would.

Now it’s easier than ever to visualize what a product will look like in your space. You can even (and this is better than anything else like this out there) configure the product in your own space. Let’s say you want a pair of Eames Dowel Leg Molded Plastic Chairs. You’re not sure what color you want, so you decide to use SmartSpace to figure that out. There’s a button below the main product image on every page. Just click on it and SmartSpace will open.

Here’s how SmartSpace works:

SmartSpace Infographic

How SmartSpace is Better:

No other space editor or scrapbook program allows you to choose a product – and then personalize that product. Sure, some of them let you flip and move products. But SmartSpace goes further by allowing – no, encouraging – you to play around with different colors and even configurations. Left-facing/right-facing; different base styles; arms/no arms. The list of configurable options we offer is immense, and SmartSpace gives them all to you so you can perfectly visualize them in your space.

Not only that, but we’ve designed it to work best when you upload a picture of your own space. So you take a picture of your dining room, upload it, and look at the Eames Molded Plastic Chair as it would appear in your own home.

How much more information do you need to know if it’s going to work or not? We’d venture to say that SmartSpace takes the guesswork out of the equation.

Now you can know – beyond the shadow of a doubt – that what you’re about to buy is going to look great in your space.

Check out SmartSpace with the Eames Dowel Leg Side Chair – or any other product on our site.

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