SmartProfile Style Quiz + Polyvore Contest

SmartProfile Style Quiz + Polyvore Contest

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That’s the first question of the SmartProfile Style Quiz.

It’s not really a question so much as it is a start towards getting to know what your needs are. Why? Because if we know who you are and what you like, we can cater to your tastes and buying needs. In addition, we’ll give you 25 Rewards Points just for letting us help you. It’s a win-win. You win by seeing more of what you like and less of what you don’t (and by getting Rewards Points). We win by being able to personalize our site for you based on your input.

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After taking the SmartProfile Quiz, you’ll see items that fit in your space. You won’t have to wade through a mix of furniture that’s meant for huge open floorplans and tiny studio apartments. But if we just stopped right there, your shopping experience would only be a wee bit more personalized. So, of course, we go through a list of questions meant to narrow down what your actual needs are.

SmartProfile style

If you search “chair” with your SmartProfile Recommendations switched on you’ll see chairs that fit your style. You won’t see all the styles at the same time. However, if you want to go eclectic for a while, you can toggle your Profile off and see the full assortment of our products. SmartProfile gives you a personalized shopping experience. See what you want when you want.

Give the SmartProfile Style Quiz a whirl now. You’ll like what you see.

Smart Furniture + Polyvore Spring Spruce Up Contest

In keeping with our focus on showing you what you want, we’re starting our Polyvore Spring Spruce-Up Contest today! Your living room reflects your personality. Show us your style by creating a mood board using the products in our Spring Spruce-Up collection and you’ll be entered to win a $1,000 gift card redeemable at

Have fun! We’re looking forward to seeing all the creative boards you fine folks put together.

Enter our Spring Spruce Up Contest on

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