SmartMakeover Giveaway: Win a Cobi Chair!

SmartMakeover Giveaway: Win a Cobi Chair!

SmartMakeover Giveaway Header

You’ve seen our SmartSpace tool already, so here’s a contest to whet your appetite for practical design. (IF you haven’t seen SmartSpace, read about it here and check it out!) But it’s actually turning out to be more immediately useful than we thought.

Here’s the short story: here in Chattanooga, we love to support growing businesses, and there’s an incubator near us called The Company Lab (or CO.LAB for short). They have a great space, and they needed to update their furniture.

So we partnered with Turnstone to give CO.LAB a new setup, and the result was that, by using the SmartSpace Designer, we were able to give CO.LAB a few layout and furniture options to choose from, and work with them to make it just right. They love it … and that’s where YOU come in.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to fill The CO.LAB’s space with Turnstone furniture using SmartSpace. In return, you’ll be entered to win a Cobi Chair in our SmartMakeover Giveaway. Our judges will choose three winners based on the creativity, space planning, and darn-good-looking-ness of their designs.

Empty CO.LAB Space

The Company Lab’s space is empty – waiting to be filled in by your inspired design sense.
Make it good; a Cobi Chair awaits three winners!
Click here to enter the SmartMakeover Giveaway.

SmartMakeover Example

Here’s an example from someone who’s already entered the SmartMakeover Giveaway.
Do one better to win a Cobi Chair for yourself.

We’ll be announcing the SmartMakeover Giveaway winners on May 22nd. Also on the 22nd, we’ll be at The Company Lab revealing their new workspace from Turnstone and Smart Furniture. There will be food.

Don’t wait – enter now to play with SmartSpace and win a Cobi Chair.


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