Smart Halloween Costumes

Smart Halloween Costumes
Adam as Link from the Legend of Zelda

Dropping his Ocarina, Link prepared to face his adversary

This Halloween, as usual, we had a bunch of great Halloween costumes floating around the Smart Furniture office, including Adam, who showed up wearing ma(i)nly tights. We would have questioned his sanity, but he’s Adam, so we figured it was par for the course. He made just about the entire costume himself, including the garden-rake/mace and his healing Red Potion. I hadn’t known that salsa was so good for your health, but I’ll keep it in mind for the future.

He really went all in with Link from The Legend of Zelda (anyone who don’t know who that is needs to go buy another few years of childhood from ebay and get some first-hand experience at rescuing the Princess on your old-school Nintendo). We have a lot more pictures of him in aggressive and epic poses, but we won’t show them to you because we don’t want to scare you.

Jammie as Melanie, with Melanie

Jammie as Melanie, with Melanie (also starring Kona)

Link’s quest this morning: serve the customers and┬ámake copies in full view of the entire office, wearing only tights. It’s a good thing we’re an internet retailer, that’s all. A very good thing.

Also notable, Jammie strutted into the office right before our weekly staff meeting, and anyone who didn’t think she was Melanie at first was not me. I seriously thought, from upstairs, that Melanie had dressed up as herself. Jammie’s caricature of Melanie was dead on, mannerisms and all. She had even raided Melanie’s closet.┬áThe entire office was in stitches, which makes sense considering the fact that K.J. started laughing right away. K.J.’s laughter is kind of like your kid having a cold; eventually, you’re going to catch it.

Most of us, it turns out, were lame and didn’t dress up. Like me, I confess. Big thanks to those of you who weren’t lame! (Jess as the ’70s, Stephen as an FBI agent, Karen as a boxer, Leslie as a flapper, Catharine as Uhura, and Christian as James Bond – or how bout Zoolander, because that looks pretty close to Blue Steel: y’all rock!)

What are you dressing up as this Halloween? Care to share a picture with us, give us a laugh and an idea for next Halloween’s costumes?

Smart Furniture in costume for Halloween

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