Smart Furniture Visits The Street of Eames

On Saturday April 17, 2010, Portland, Oregon will host the 5th (and final) Street of Eames home tour. When one of our employees recently relocated to Portland, we could not pass up the opportunity to get an insiders view of what this fantastic event is all about.

Street of Eames began as fundraiser for homeless students in Portland, particularly at Chapman Elementary School. More than half a million dollars later, the home tour has reach its goals of funding and can now pass the torch of raising money to a social service agency. For Oregonians this is a chance to give back to the community and take a sneak peek into some of the city’s most coveted dwellings. This year’s tour will feature eight homes in the Portland area, including homes by Ben Waechter, Path Architecture, Seed Architecture Studio, and renowned Portland architects, John Yeon and John Storrs. The tour takes you from mid-century modern to contemporary homes and is sure to inspire for those lucky enough to attend.

Stay posted for a first hand account of the tour from our very own, Sophia Levens.

Storrs House, photo by David Papazian

Yeon House, photograph by Kim Blau

Rummer House, photo by David Papazian

Oringdulph House, photo by David Papazian

Z-Haus, photograph by Stephen Miller

Park Box, photograph by Ty Milford

14 House, photo by Jeff Beck

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