Smart Furniture Pets: Leela

Smart Furniture Pets: Leela


Pet’s Name: Leela

M/F: F

Age: 1.5 years

Owner: Matt

Social Life: Relations with the cat have been strained and were initially marked by mutual hostility and much bluster, but the two have managed to reach a kind of tense détente. Leela enjoys visits with the Weimaraner next door and is a regular patron of the Red Bank dog park in the warmer months.

One word: Spunky

Likes: Chasing flashlight beams; eating small bushes, sticks, and root systems; taking long walks and runs; doing fancy dog tricks.

Dislikes: Electric fences and that yippy dog at the park with the loudmouth owner with the stupid glasses.

Matt Wood

My name's Matt. My Facebook page says I'm a "Web Stuff Guy" at, so that's about as precise as I can get. I've lived in Chattanooga about 5 years and spent most of them with Smart Furniture.