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This clean and modern loft space is featured on  our Living Room | Smart Furniture ideabook.

This clean and modern loft space is featured on
our Living Room | Smart Furniture ideabook.


If you are a design enthusiast or amidst redecorating your home; this introduction to Houzz may be old news. But for those of you that haven’t heard the internet buzz, Houzz is an on-the-rise-platform dedicated to homes and improving spaces. Users can collect their favorite design ideas and decorating concepts via “ideabooks.” Though it might seem closely related to Pinterest, Houzz gives its users a community as they are enabled and encouraged to ask questions and seek advice from professionals and each other. Searching is simplified as you can search by style, location, and room.

The two founders of Houzz came up with the idea when they were struggling to communicate their vision for the 1950’s Bay Area house they were dreaming up renovations for. Words could not do justice to their ideas and collecting images was a burdening task. The online medium was developed to elevate such tasks while also connecting home-owners with interior designers, contractors, and architects.

Here are a few highlights from the Houzz Profile ideabooks. Join Houzz – if you haven’t already – and let the designing begin.

Dining  Rooms | SmartFurniture : We love the decor concept of mixing and matching the colors of dining chairs. It gives a unique look to a room that can otherwise look uniformly plain. Here is the top shared image from our dining room ideabook:

Eames Dowel Leg Side Chair

This mix-matched dining room features
varying colors of the Eames Dowel Leg Side Chair


Workspace and Home Office | Smart FurnitureOur ideabook dedicated to the home office is a great source of inspiration for those seeking out modern and quirky workspaces. Here is the most shared home office:

The Herman Miller Airia Desk optimizes surface space

The Herman Miller Airia Desk optimizes surface space 
with touches of contemporary design details


Bedroom | Smart Furniture: Our bedroom ideabook is dedicated to the modern sleeping space with platform beds, unique canopy centerpiece beds, and bedroom suites with dynamic modern accents. Here is the most popular image from our Bedroom collection on Houzz:


The Astrid Bedroom Collection is an ideal fit
for those who want a modern aesthetic but love a strongly put together room.

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  • thefolia

    I love this bedroom retreat, however, the dangling branch above the bed is a no mas! Please let me explain, I love the piece, especially as I am a forager myself when it comes to incorporating finds from nature in my nest, but the thought of it above my head when I sleep will not allow me to rest well–what if it lands on me! I don’t know what the wall looks like across the foot of the bed, however, I would rather have it hang from that side where I would be able to see it and enjoy its natural beauty before my eyes shut for some zzz’s. Happy Nesting!