Ships Before the End of the World

Ships Before the End of the World

Ships Before the End of the WorldIt’s the end of the world! Everything that we know and love will be cataclysmically destroyed! Come December 21st, the smoking ash heap that we call “Earth” will be uninhabitable.

Our impending doom made me stop and think for a bit. (Thinking is a good thing to do when faced with the End of All Things.) And as I thought, it occurred to me that if I were going to order any furniture, it’d be good if it could be shipped before everything blew up. You know what I’m saying?

In the spirit of providing hope to those who need furniture in such foreboding times, we’ve come up with a list of items that are (a) awesome and (b) in stock and ready to ship. You’ll rest easier knowing that your new sofa is on its way to you before Bolon Yokte’ K’uh’s revenge. I know I would.

Furniture that Ships Before the End of the World

First up, the futuristically designed Aeron Chair. If there was going to be a future for humanity, I’d want to be sitting in one of these at my desk. It’s super adjustable and comfy. You might even be able to sit in it on the balcony of your high-rise as you watch the earth’s crust breaking open all around you. As the temperature rises and the oceans start to boil, you’ll be kept cool by the chair’s mesh seat and back.

The Eames Hang-It-All is a handy place to keep your jacket and scarf after you come in from the bitter cold of earth’s final winter. Plus, it’s a bright spot of cheer. With such a bleak outlook, we all need some cheer.

Oh, here’s a good one: our very own 1964 Sofa. It’s a marvel of design, and simply beautiful to look at. And comfortable, too! It’s too bad we didn’t come up with it a long time ago. The end of the world kind of ruins all those fun things, doesn’t it. Stupid end of the world.

The Herman Miller Scooter Stand—a good place to put your laptop while you watch live footage of the global cataclysm as it sweeps from hemisphere to hemisphere.

Oh, and don’t forget sculpture! Not simply a place to prop up your feet, the Noguchi Table is a beautifully balanced icon of mid-century design. On the day that everything comes unhinged, it’d be good to have a little more balance in your life, right? The same can be said for the Eames Molded Plastic Side Chair; its wooden dowel legs give just the right visual balance to the base. Ships before the end of the world!

Finally, we have the Sayl Chair. Yves Behar may not have designed it for the sole purpose of lifting the spirits of those facing the end of the world, but he might as well have. Its back mimics the shape of a sailboat’s full sail as it’s pushed before the wind.

As our impending doom approaches, be sure you’re ordering something that’ll ship before it’s impossible to take delivery! The end of the world is near—we’re just trying to make it a bit easier for everyone.

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