Sale Mania: Pablo Sale Starts Today

Sale Mania: Pablo Sale Starts Today

Something must have been in the water. Either that or all these manufacturers happened to hit upon today as the perfect time to start their sales. In any case, the Pablo Sale starts today alongside Kartell and Coalesse’s Emu collection.

Pablo lighting is 15% off ending on March 19th, and that means you’ve got a great chance to update the lighting in that neglected area of your home. Well-designed, beautifully executed, and solidly crafted, Pablo’s pendant lamps, table lamps, and floor lamps shine with European flair and modern utilization of materials. Lighting like the Bel Occhio Pendant Lamp betrays the hand of a confident designer – one whose concept is clear from the start. That’s the case with most of the lamps that are available from Pablo Designs.



Another pendant light worth mentioning is the Cielo Lamp. Cielo means “ceiling” in Spanish, so the name’s not as exotic as it sounds. But the look? I love this light. It’s got a panel of LEDs instead of the typical bulb, so the energy it uses has got to be on the low side. Plus, the spread of light is pretty darn even due to the wide-diameter “bulb” and consistent light distribution. A dimmer helps you out if you want a more intimate setting, so this would be a great pendant to hang above your kitchen island, stove, or bar alike.


Cielo Lamp

Pablo Designs Cielo Lamp


Finally, I’d be remiss if I were to ignore my favorite of the bunch. We all need desk lighting, right? A desk lamp is sort of a necessary item if we work in a space without soul-sucking overhead fluorescent lighting. As much as we try to go completely electronic, we’ve still got papers we have to look at and printouts to examine. Well, the Lim 360 Lamp is a lamp that I wouldn’t mind looking at every day. Its compact base stays out of the way, and (as its name implies) Lim has a full 360 degrees of rotation so you can focus the light just where you need it. It’s the perfect desk lamp for those who don’t need to rely on desk lighting as an only source of light, and it looks like a million bucks.


Lim 360 Lamp

Pablo Designs Lim 360 Lamp


So, now that you have a bevy of lighting options to peruse, you might as well take a look. Who knows – this could be the day you find just the light you’ve been looking for. And maybe, with Kartell and Emu from Coalesse on sale, you’ll even furnish your patio too!

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