If I Were An Olympic Athlete….

If I Were An Olympic Athlete….


First, a little history: The Olympic Games are the world’s largest, first recorded, and most prestigious sporting competition, evolving over centuries from the first Olympic Games in ancient Greece. After the Games had been discontinued for over a thousand years, they experienced a resurgence starting in the 17th century. The International Olympic Committee was established in 1894 and became the governing authority, structuring the Olympic Movement to become as we see it today. Over 200 nations and thousands of athletes compete in the Summer and Winter Games, which alternate, occuring every four years but two years apart. Becoming an Olympian and winning a gold, silver or bronze medal can define an elite athlete’s career, allowing them to attain national or international fame.

Watching the Olympics and professional tennis are really the only reasons I turn on the TV. What excites me the most is being able to see the superlative skill at which an Olympic athlete competes. I love the intensity of concentration, the movements of strength and flexibility that have become so natural that they can be done in their sleep, and the fearless approach he or she can take, representing their country in front of the largest audience in the world. We don’t all have the ability to become Olympians, but that doesn’t mean we can’t dream about what it might be like.

A few of us here have competed in sports at the national and international level, ranging from football to baseball, fencing, tae kwon do, track & field, cross country, and tennis. I like to think that is why we work so well as a team.

I surveyed some of our team members to find out which Winter Olympic event they would compete in. Here are their responses:

Maggie – “Bobsledding because I loved Cool Runnings.”

Catharine – “Figure Skating. Sequins, duh.”

Adam – “Freestyle Snowboarding because I was born to shred the gnar.”

Brooke – “Ice Hockey because I love a good Predators game, and it’s basically figure skating dressed as a contact sport!”

Christian – “Most likely Snowboard Cross. It’s a good mix of speed and jumping agility, strategy, and head-to-head competition. I love snowboarding, I love jumping and going fast, so I think that would be the one for me.”

James – “Ski Jump if I was ever brave enough to do it. It would be awesome to fly through the air like they do.”

Karen – “Short Track Speed Skating because it looks so smooth. There is so much strategy involved but you have to really focus on your technique and timing to come out on top.”

Deborah – “I would be a judge so I can stay warm and nitpick at people.”

Kenny – “Bobsled, because, ‘Go Jamaica!’ And it looks super fun.”

Stephen – “Curling, because I am 45.”

Whitney – “The luge. Not to make light of the sport, because I know they’re incredible athletes, but it looks like a frozen water slide!”

Mark – “Ski jump because if I had a super power, it would be the ability to fly, and ski jumping is as close as it gets in the Olympics. Plus, competitions to see who can go the farthest (or the longest, or the most) are always fun for me.”

Karen G. – “I would be an Olympic Ski Jumper. I have a big fear of heights and would need some serious cojones to be up to catching big air. What a rush that would be!”

Luke – “Definitely curling, because the uniforms are amazing.”

Matt – “Speed skating because it would complement my roller skating.”

Chris – “Maybe hockey – it looks fun.”

Jessica – “Curling, because there isn’t any other sport quite like it.”

Christie – “Speed skating. It seems really fun and intense.”

Cyndi – “Figure skating. I wish I had the ability to do what they can do.”

Jammie – “Figure skating. Why? Because I get to walk on water (frozen water) wearing tights.”

Melanie – “The winter Olympics are my favorite so this is going to be tough. I’ve always been a skier and love it more than any other sport, especially slalom over downhill jump. Since I have no delusions of grandeur about being an Olympic skier I’m going to go with luge. It would have to be 2 man luge so I can just ride along while the experienced person steers.”

What’s your favorite event? What sport would you excel at if you had the opportunity?

Karen Culp

Visual designer, Creative Director, photographer hobbyist and former collegiate tennis player. Canadian grown, I'm proud to make Chattanooga my home. Other activities include being a mom, road biking, tennis, running (after my toddler), cooking, baking cookies, often photographing the food I cook, and sometimes blogging about it.