Office Furniture Made Easy

Office Furniture Made Easy

Now available from Smart FurnitureSmall Business Products by Herman Miller. From Aeron to Scooter Stand, we have these available to ship quickly when ordering from We already had your back with every HON product, most Steelcase and Herman Miller products and even a few Knoll chairs, but now our collection of office products has broadened. Consider us your horizon of office furniture. And we will continue to expand the offering from Herman Miller even more in early 2013.

So far, our most popular item has been the Everywhere Tables. Simple is good, after all. Clean edges, sleek lines, and mobility! Available in multiple sizes and shapes, use them as a table, desk, or group them together for common areas or as a conference table. All while staying easy to maneuver with wheels, and easy to look at.

Tu Filing and Storage pieces have been a big hit, as well. With more options coming soon, we have both stationary and mobile versions. If you know the difference between  box/box/file, box/file, and file/file you’re probably really excited at this very moment. Did I mention easy online ordering?

Another neat product is a desk accessory called the Lapjack Portable Laptop Holder. It turns your laptop into an almost desktop monitor by propping it up and angling the keyboard towards you. Way cool! Solicitous note to our CEO: My birthday is next month and I would love one at my desk.

The best part is you can mix and match everything on your horizon to create the office environment of your dreams. Well, if you dream about office furniture you may need professional help. You still need this stuff folks, and we are here to get it to you simply, ergonomically, feasibly, and with a smile. Call us to find out.

~ Melanie Silva, Sales Manager

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