New Smart Designer

We just launched a new version of our Smart Designer. We are really excited about all that you can do with it! To view the new version (please note that it still works best in Firefox), visit

Here are a few new features:

1. From the start page, you can choose beginner, intermediate, and advance

  • beginner launches a room template
  • intermediate builds a room based on the dimensions entered
  • advanced takes you to a 2d stage–where you can draw the room dimensions–then view in 3D
    The image below is how the drawing tool looks:

2. You can go from 3d back to your “Room Layout” in 2d, make room changes, then go back to 3d

3. Once you Create Room in 3d, you can then choose wall and floor options.

4. After you have created the room, you can save it, buy it, share it, or make it public for others to see in the Design Community.

5. If you make it public, your room will show up in the design community. Choosing a room takes you to a page that shows a larger image of your saved room, lists the items in the room, and gives you the option to view it 3D, buy it, etc.

6. Finally, if you choose product (like an embody chair) that has a lot of options, you can click the magic wand–which launches a product configuration tool (in flash). After choosing the options with the product configuration tool, the item changes dynamically to adhere to your choices.

This is exciting stuff. We hope you go nuts with it.

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