New LOFTwall at Smart Furniture

New LOFTwall at Smart Furniture

We’ve just finished putting up a new batch of LOFTwall, some of the most customizable room and office partitions on the market. From 4 feet tall / 4 feet wide Partitions to room dividers over 8 feet wide, LOFTwall gives you the freedom to customize your office and add some major style points too.

LOFTwall Wave Partition

We’re especially taken with the new Wave Partitions. Available in two widths (52″ and 76″) these LOFTwall partitions feature innovative curved panels. In addition to looking great, those curved panels let light through your LOFTwall Partition while still providing privacy and blocking noise. Did we mention they look amazing too?

LOFTwall Link at Smart Furniture

We’re also proud of the LOFTwall Link. It’s not often we brag about accessories, but the Link is one that’s worth writing home about. Or maybe just giving you a link to … we know, we’re so clever. The Link lets you join together up to four Partitions. Just imagine the possibilities for your office when you can connect your LOFTwall Partitions to each other. Anyone else dreaming of an office maze?

As always, we love bringing you furniture that we use ourselves. That’s right, Smart Furniture benefits from the services of the LW44 LOFTwall Room Partition. Don’t believe us? Check out Mark’s post about our meeting room below. At the top of the photograph you’ll notice the bottom half of the¬†LW44, just behind Matt, Christian and Deb. We use our LOFTwall piece to hide unsightly office supplies, block off loud meetings and impress our guests. Order your own LOFTwall Room Partition and see just what it can do for your office today.

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