New BDI Entertainment Centers Not Your Average Bear

New BDI Entertainment Centers Not Your Average Bear

Our partners at BDI have come out with some new releases in the home theater department. If you’re not familiar with BDI, they make thoughtfully designed entertainment centers, home office furniture, and coffee/end tables with a modern flair. They also recently released the Semblance line of modular shelving, and who knows – tomorrow they could be selling hot tubs. As for me, I’ll always associate BDI with home theater because that’s primarily what they sold when we started working with them.

A couple of years ago I put together a BDI Avion TV Stand in our studio and it was a painless process, which is miraculous because I’m challenged in the “Hey Matt, go assemble this durable good” department. Their stuff just works, and they integrate features into their products that make life easier. For example, their TV stands generally feature the following … features (doh):

Soft close cabinets: when you close the cabinet doors, they decelerate upon approaching the unit and then shut all by themselves, slowly and silently. I don’t know exactly how they work (magnets I guess?) but they make no noise and only help extend the life of the furniture.

IR friendly glass: IR = infrared friendly, i.e. your remote control can talk to your DVD player or cable box while the cabinet doors are closed. This clever feature keeps us one more welcome step away from a bleak dystopian future where remote controls are useless and you have to get up every time you want to change the channel.

Removable back panels: have a lot of video game systems or newfangled consoles? Connect them quickly and easily by taking off the back of the unit. This minimizes contortion and just makes sense.

Here are some of the newest BDI entertainment centers. Check em out.


Signal Entertainment Center

Signal Entertainment Center


Signal Tall

Signal Tall Entertainment Center


Nora Slim Entertainment Center

Nora Slim Entertainment Center



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