Mr. Gentle Goes to Washington

Mr. Gentle Goes to Washington

Our fearless leader received some local press today for his trip to Washington DC, and we wanted to tell the world about it before he returns to Chattanooga and tells us not to. T.J. Gentle – Smart Furniture CEO, caring boss, loving husband and father – made his second journey to DC this year to discuss the coming fiscal cliff and other economic woes facing the country. Along with other small business leaders from across the country, our very own T.J. Gentle met with several of the President’s close advisers to provide some first hand perspective on how small and local businesses are being affected by the fast approaching fiscal cliff and the general economic climate of the country.

We’re proud to work with T.J. and glad that people are taking notice of his brilliance. It’s pretty inspiring to work for someone that the President of the United States wants to hear from. We’re confident this former football star and lawyer turned CEO was able to talk some sense into those up in Washington and bring a valuable perspective as a leader of a small business. College football star, lawyer, CEO of Smart Furniture, now adviser to the President, and still so young. We can’t wait to see what his next accomplishments are. Way to go T.J.!

Read the whole article at the Chattanooga Times Free Press

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