Meet Our Moms: Happy Mother’s Day!

Meet Our Moms: Happy Mother’s Day!


Mother’s Day is coming up this Sunday and we thought we would take a second to give a big shout out to the women who have made us who we are and to the moms that make this company tick.

Just about anyone could argue that they have the best mom around. We could build some strong cases around here that we have the best moms right here in our office. I, for one, know that my mother is by far the best mother on the planet – she’s smart, hard working, loving, compassionate, she’s a nurse and can heal any pain or ailment with a wave of her well manicured hand, she raised three pretty cool kids, is an excellent role model, and once made the most glorious Halloween haunted house cake the world has ever seen with homemade icing that to this day cannot be topped by any icing that I’ve ever had. I just love her. If I ever have children of my own one day, I know I will have my mom right there beside me – to inspire and help me in motherhood … because I won’t know what the heck I’m doing!


My mom Cindy and I in Chicago for my 10th birthday. One of my
fondest memories and my first mother/daughter vacation. (Notice our
coordinating velvet outfits. Yes, we are still this awesome.)

We also have a lot new moms around here and some first-time-moms-to-be. Because we love them so much, we want to show them ALL off. Here are some more awesome SF Moms and why we love them:

(WARNING: Pictures may overwhelm you with their cuteness and amazing hair.)


Left: Creative Director Karen and her mother Stella pictured with her triplet sisters. (Karen is in
the center in green). Right: Karen today with her 14 month old daughter, Lily.

Being a mother has brought new meaning to my life. The concept of family, being together, cherishing moments, capturing memories and doing things the right way have all become the highest priority. Everything now is about us (not just me), or what “we” are planning to do. My patience is so much more now. I am much more aware of all my actions, and how any small thing will affect our child’s future. And nothing has ever made me feel that something is worth it more than Lily has. I never saw it coming, but when it finally hit me, I realized how much I love Motherhood. Being a mom makes me realize how fortunate I am to have my own mother, and an amazing one at that. We grew up referring to her as “Super Mom,” for the reasons one might normally assume – because she’s a good cook; because she’s an amazing artist and quilter; because she can fix anything. But I never understood how true those words rang until having my own child. I am 1/3 of a set of identical triplets and have a sister who is 2-1/2 years older than us. Mom raised 4 girls at the same time. The traits we all learned from her, she learned from her mother – my wonderful grandmother, whose voice I still remember from my childhood. My mom, her sisters, and my sisters are so much alike. We all try to be considerate of others. We all share the same passion for cooking. And when something makes us laugh hard, we cry (it’s quite a sight). Every day, my child asks me to sing the song that my grandmother taught me. I love that such sweet things can be passed on over generations. I hope Lily will look up to me the way I look up to my mother. To all the moms out there, I raise my bottle of water to you.

– Karen



Skeeter and his mom.

My mom is pretty amazing, She’s loved me and my family bunches. When I was little and I was scared to be left at a new place or a friend’s house and stuff, she’d put on lipstick and then kiss my tummy and then if I got lonely later I’d peek under my t-shirt and see my kiss and remember that Mom loved me. Really, only an awesome mom would know how to love a little guy like me in that way.

This is the other “super importantest” mama around for me. Besides spending precious moments inside of tractor tires,  she does everything else. No one in our family could be seen in public if it weren’t for her (I’m not sure if I’d actually be legally allowed to leave the house). She loves our girls sooooo much; she’ll go into their room at night and smell them cause they smell like baby smell. She’s a fierce lovin’ mama and wife, and totally a keeper, and she makes keepers too!

– Skeeter



Peek-A-Boo!!! Skeeter’s wife, Kristin, and oldest daughter enjoying some park fun.



Left: Deb and her two adorable boys, Leo and Graham. Right: Deb and her mom

About my mom … she’s the most selfless person I know. She always puts everyone else above her own needs. She’s awesome!

– Deb



Left: Marketing dude Mark’s wife Amy and 2 of their 4 adorable children. Right: baby Mark with
his mom, Chris.

Aside from homeschooling all six of us kids (I know, right?) my Mom somehow found energy to make sure each of us knew we were loved and supported. She has given so much of herself to her family over the years that I’m sure it would be impossible to repay her. The same goes for my wife, Amy: she is a wonderful mother to our little ones, and has blessed me in more ways than she even understands.

– Mark


Stephen & Mama

Smart Furniture Founder Stephen Culp and his mama, Gayle. This is one cool lady!

Sale Rep Natalie B. and her mom.

Sales Rep Natalie B. and her mom.


Marketing Guru Matt W. and his family including Mother, Nancy. She's one of Smart Furniture's biggest fans!

Marketing guru Matt and family including his Mother Nancy. She’s one of Smart Furniture’s
biggest fans!


Sales Manager Melanie and her mom in Waikiki.

Sales Manager Melanie and her mom in Waikiki.



IT magician Jess and her daughter Stella.



Luke and his mom. Yes, he still wears his Taekwondo gear.



Our Studio Manager Leslie and her daughter Bria and exchange student daughter Fernanda.



Our newest team member Kenny and his mom … how sweet is this picture!?



Caroline (Sales Department) having some Willy Wonka type fun with her mother.



Studio Associate Amy with her mom.


Happy Mother’s day, Moms – we love you!

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