Matt & Aeron, Day One

Working at Smart Furniture is kind of like playing musical chairs. You can’t ever assume that what you’re sitting in today will be what you’re sitting in tomorrow. We shuffle chairs around to learn about them; it creates a nice communal feel around the office and gives us an excuse to steal each other’s chairs pretty much whenever we please.

And so today, I find myself sitting in the Aeron Chair. Seeing as how this is pretty much the most famous office chair ever created, I’m surprised that it’s taken this long for me to land one. This particular version I’m sitting in is a size B, which seems to fit me just fine as I’m 5’11 and skinny; it has leather armpads (nice), and the PostureFit Lumbar Support option.

To start, I’ll say that you must make adjustments to your Aeron Chair before you can really get comfortable. This is a task chair through and through- and the hallmark of a task chair is that it has a lot of adjustments available for you to tweak in an effort to custom fit the chair to your person. The Aeron Chair has a back stop and a forward tilt adjustment mechanism that make a big difference in how the chair feels. Tomorrow, I will elaborate on said adjustments.

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