Matt & Aeron, Day 4

Today, I’m gonna talk about the Aeron Chair’s arms. They’re pretty important, as a good office chair is not a good office chair at all if the arms are lacking. I’ve been sitting in two different Aeron Chairs for the last couple of days- one of which is slightly better than the other in the armpads department. The first chair I sat on had leather armpads, and the one I’m currently sitting in does not. Alas. The leather armpads are better. They’re soft to the touch, and they look just plain nicer than the standard armpads. The Aeron’s standard armpads look and feel OK- they have a pleasant, spongy feel to them that’s like a soft rubber. But they’re not leather. The leather armpads look more inviting and are definitely more relaxing rest your arms on when you want to lean back into the Pellicle of your Aeron Chair.

Another aspect of the Aeron Chair that should be covered is adjustability. The Aeron has loads of options- which is a lot to think about, but the options let you buy just what you want to pay for. Which is nice. Anyway, one option I would strongly recommend are the adjustable arms. You actually do notice the fixed arm option when you’re sitting in it, and they just don’t live up to the rest of the Aeron Chair. The adjustable arms are much better. The arms swivel in and out and you can adjust the height with a locking lever located behind the arms. The height adjustment mechanism is not overly convenient; you have to flip a lever up, adjust the arm to the height you want, and then lock it back in place, but once you’ve found the height you want you’re pretty much set.

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