How Do You Sit? You Sit Like A Boss.

How Do You Sit? You Sit Like A Boss.

This is a momentous occasion, and we’d like to take a moment to revel in what we’ve done. We, Smart Furniture, are making greatness happen. “What’s going on?” you ask. Well, we’ll tell you.

We’ve made it possible for you to sit Like a Boss. That’s right. Like a Boss.

How does a Boss sit? Like this.

Let me just quote my good friend Chris, who has penned some words in honor of this historic event.

No other style of office chair shows you’re the head honcho quite as well as our Like a Boss collection of fine leather office chairs. The pieces from this collection have that commanding look that lets people know you live by no one’s rules but your own. Supremely comfortable, Like a Boss office chairs are designed to help you kick butt and take names from dawn till dusk, or longer if need be, all while conveying an air of unparalleled awesomeness. Today’s office chairs are all about sleek design and ergonomics, inventing the newest fad in comfort and healthy living. You know what’s truly comfortable? Sitting on a supple hide so filled with stuffing that you practically melt into the chair. And in terms of health? Go to your doctor’s office and see what kind of chair he’s sitting in; yeah, you can bet your health professional is sitting like a boss in a big ol’ leather chair. Like a Boss Chairs use only the finest leathers from the world’s premier tanneries – we’re talking Wagyu cattle massaged daily and fed better than your average middle class family fine. Stop sitting like a chump; order your fine leather office chair and sit Like A Boss today.

For the magnificence in all of us, we present the Like a Boss collection. Gleaming leather. Mahogany wood. Boardroom presence. Corner office attitude. Looks freaking awesome in any office.

Like a Boss leather office chairs.

Mark Rico

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