Lake Winnie Love

Lake Winnie Love

I love Lake Winnepesaukah (better known as Lake Winnie)! I have the best memories of lots of summer afternoons spent at the wonderful, redneck, fish filled, and sweaty amusement park! My grandparents lived 10-15 minutes away from Lake Winnie, and it was one of my favorite places to go in the summer.


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First, I have to mention the Pick-up Ducks game, since it is still my favorite. I am 31 years old and probably have well over 1,000 bags and change purses – they are my obsession.  I still go straight to the Pick-up Ducks game and cross my fingers … and I win a beaded change purse. Sometimes I’ll play several games until I win the coveted prize. I have yellow, pink, and blue coin purses from Lake Winnie that I use on a regular basis. The game is located in the kids area. It has yellow, pink, and blue “ducks” that swim around in water, and you pick them up and see what prize you win. I really do love it!

My second memory is a ride that is no longer at Lake Winnie – the haunted house. I was too scared to try this terrible ride until a boy who I thought was cute wanted me to ride with him. It was smoky and dark and had a smell I will never forget. It was a musky smell. This ride was in the back of the park and was included in the “couples” rides where you could sit close to the flavor of the week and I got to sit next to the young man I was there with. Next we moved to the fast ride with the great music. I can’t for the life of me remember the name of the ride, but you rode in sleds really fast in a circle, and they played all the popular music. I’m back on that ride as I type this now!


Cannon Ball roller coaster

The Cannon Ball roller coaster at Lake Winnie


Some other great rides were the Cannon Ball Roller Coaster, Bumper Cars, The boat chute (the first ride in the park), Antique Cars, Alpine Way (this ride is cute mushroom cars that cruise in the air high over the park. It has a nice view and it’s a relaxing break from all the wild rides), and the train that took people all over the park!

Even though I am a little older now, I still love to go to Lake Winnie – but more for the music than the rides now. They have a stage in the back called Jukebox Junction, and you can check out the bands for just $5. That is dirt cheap, and a great night-time event. I saw Tracy Lawrence and Confederate Railroad there last summer. If you ever find yourself near Chattanooga, you need to check this place out!

Lake Winnie is actually in Rossville, GA, super close to Chattanooga, and just opened a new Water Park portion of the park called SoakYa. I can’t wait to find out how great it is – see you there this weekend!



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