Kartell Sale Ends Sunday

Kartell Sale Ends Sunday

As sad as it is, all good things have to come to an end. The Kartell Sale is ending soon – Sunday, as a matter of fact. So now’s the time to finalize your list, make your decisions, and pick which of these new friends you’re going to take home with you. They won’t be 15% off forever.

Blurring the line between furniture and art, Kartell’s pieces have old-world shapes and completely new materials and manufacturing processes. A transparent plastic, traditionally formed chair? Check. A vase shaped just like the ones in the museum? Yep. How about an American Shaker-style chair, with wood legs and a plastic back? They’re all on sale and they’re all full of class and inspiration.

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Ghostbuster, La Boheme Stool, and Comback Chair

Ghostbuster | Cindy Lamp | La Boheme stool & vase | Comback Chair with 4-leg base

Componibili and Bubble Club Lounge

Componibili | Bubble Club outdoor seating collection

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