Hurricane Sandy Sucks, People are Awesome

Hurricane Sandy Sucks, People are Awesome

We’ve all seen images of disaster (like Hurricane Sandy) that are still etched in our memories. For me, one of those images is a woman, victim of a house fire, weeping as she held the charred remnants of her wedding photos. After Katrina, we were confronted with hundreds upon hundreds of tragic scenes. Same with the tsunami in Japan last year, and the tornadoes across the Midwest (and our own Chattanooga area) last spring.

Hurricane Sandy

Now, the images coming out of the East Coast are in front of us. No disaster is just like any other; they’re all physically, geographically, and even – in some cases – emotionally different. Interacting with our own normal, day-to-day lives seems simultaneously cheaper and more laden with blessing. It’s all wrong, and we know it: Hurricane Sandy was an event that shouldn’t have happened, especially not to the people it happened to. That’s the way we feel after every major event of this kind.

Yet, there are bright spots among the dark, ugly remnants of the storm’s effects. We feel privileged to have been able to be a part of the recovery process for one of our prior customers (hi, Jason). His sister Andrea’s art gallery was flooded by Sandy, and she needed to re-furnish it quickly in order to get back in business. As she communicated with us, it became clear that we were going to be able to help ease the cost for her, and that everything she needed would get to her quickly. We’ve found that, in many cases, our customers choose in-stock options out of convenience, but with Andrea, she was choosing them out of necessity. Sobering, isn’t it?

Thank you, Jason, for thinking of us when considering how to get your sister’s gallery back in business. And Andrea, we’re grateful for your kind words and resilient attitude! You do your great city proud.

It turns out that treating people with respect and compassion, tenets here at Smart Furniture, really do go a long way. We know that it sucks when things go wrong, and firmly believe that buying furniture shouldn’t be one of those things you file away under “Crappy Life Experiences.”

Our deepest sympathies go out to everyone affected by the storm and consequent flooding – especially those who are still without power. If you want to get in touch and help with the recovery effort, please consider visiting the following websites and donating to those in need:

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