Honesty Day: Our Values

Honesty Day: Our Values

Happy Honesty Day, everyone!

Because one of our goals is to be honest, this day is a natural fit for us. Yeah, everyone says that, but consider this: I never have to wonder about if I’ll have to lie, and I’m always confident that my co-workers are talking straight talk. It’s really great to work for a company that takes truthfulness seriously.

We have a list of values (or rules) that guide us. It’s a serious list that we present in a light-hearted way. But that doesn’t take away from the unbreakable nature of the rules. As long as we’re talking honesty, please take a second to read through our values. We do what we do for the most transparently honest reasons possible. And it all revolves around …

Rule 1.

Smart Furniture Values

Learn more about Smart Furniture’s values.

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