The Herman Miller Sale Starts Monday

The Herman Miller Sale Starts Monday

Yes, it’s true: the Herman Miller Sale is only a couple of days away. It’s time to tie a string around your finger, write a note on the fridge, set an alarm on your iPhone – in other words, do whatever you have to do in order to remember the date.


Herman Miller Sale Details

You know what’s involved during Herman Miller’s Holiday Sale. 15% off all their classics. What could be better? That same discount applies to Geiger, Magis, and Mattiazzi products as well. This year’s sale period is shorter than last year (ending December 12th), so make sure to order your in-stock items as early as possible. To make it even easier, you can pre-shop the sale and give us a call to reserve your choices.

And then there’s the 12 Days of Eames Giveaway (which you can enter right now). For the grand prize, we’re giving away the one piece of furniture that everyone in the world recognizes – even if they don’t know what it’s called. The Eames Lounge and Ottoman.

Eames Lounge and Ottoman

So enter the Eames Giveaway now, and get ready for the Herman Miller Holiday Sale! Give us a call anytime at 888-467-6278 to pre-order that design icon you’re looking to bring home for Christmas.

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