The Herman Miller Holiday Sale is Coming!

The Herman Miller Holiday Sale is Coming!

Herman Miller Holiday Sale Announcement

Herman Miller Holiday Sale Details

We don’t have long to wait! One of the most highly anticipated sales of the year, the Herman Miller Holiday Sale brings their entire offering to us at 15% off. That means classics like the Eames Lounge and Aluminum Group – and modern marvels like the Aeron Chair and Envelop Desk will all be on sale starting next Monday. Now here’s the good stuff:

1. It’s all free shipping on our site. (To anywhere in the contiguous United States.)

2. We have a whole lot of the most desirable items in stock. (Eames Molded Plastic Chairs, anyone?)

3. We know more about the designs than anyone else does. (Actually true! Our goal is to be able to answer all your questions as quickly and knowledgeably as possible.)

Visit our site now, so that you’re prepared when the Herman Miller sale begins. And if you have any questions, feel free to give our friendly staff a call at 888-467-6278. Our stock won’t last forever, and if you act quickly you’ll have your beautiful modern masterpiece in time for Christmas!

Now What?

While you’re waiting for the sale and bookmarking the Herman Miller items you want (or adding them to your cart), enter our 12 Days of Eames Holiday Giveaway.

1. Enter once per day, starting now

2.┬áStarting on December 5th, we’ll be giving away one great Eames prize each day for 12 days

3. The Grand Prize is an Eames Lounge and Ottoman

Enter now to boost your chances of winning!

See all the prizes

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