Keep on Giving Event by Gus Modern

Keep on Giving Event by Gus Modern

Gus Keep on Giving Event

This January is Gus Modern’s Keep on Giving Event. From January 1st–31st, you get to enjoy 15% off our entire collection of Gus Modern furniture. In exchange, for every Gus item purchased we make a donation to the Chattanooga Area Food Bank. The Gus Keep on Giving Event is the ultimate win-win for you. Not only do you get 15% off some pretty awesome furniture, but you’ll also be helping to feed those who might otherwise go hungry.

We always support companies and manufacturers who are giving back to the community. Gus Modern begins the Keep on Giving Event in January in recognition of the fact that during the Christmas season people are very generous, but by the time Christmas is over that generosity tends to dry up. The Gus Keep on Giving Event helps us continue our charitable giving into the new year.

Gus Jane Bisectional Sofa is on sale in the Keep on giving EventIf you’ve had your eye on any Gus Modern furniture, the Keep on Giving Event is the perfect time to buy. The Carmichael Sofa, pictured above, is somehow both traditional and contemporary for a combination of stylistic elements that we love. For a more refined mid-century look, the Jane Bisectional Sofa gives you and your friends plenty of room for relaxation and the beauty of button tufted upholstery. Love the look but don’t have space for a piece as big as the Jane Bisectional? The Jane Loft Bisectional Sofa has the same beautiful style as the full size version but in a slightly smaller size.

Just because Christmas is over doesn’t mean you have to stop donating or enjoying great deals. The Gus Modern Keep on giving Event lets you do both. We’ll donate to the Food Bank while you enjoy 15% off all Gus Modern furniture. Talk about a pretty sweet way to ring in the new year!

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