Fun Fact Friday: the Emeco Navy Chair

Fun Fact Friday: the Emeco Navy Chair

So what exactly does 1940’s singer, actress, and icon Betty Grable have to do with chairs? The connection is seemingly minute, but after we take a seat in the Emeco Navy Chair, today’s Fun Fact Friday will have the clichéd lightbulb glowing.



Betty Grable
Source: 20th Century Fox Studio promo image


Emeco Navy Chair

The Sleek – yet Strong – Navy Chair by Emeco


The Navy Chair by Emeco was a commission by the US Navy in the 1940’s. At the time, its utilitarian value was specifically for the purpose of outfitting submarines. The structure had to be sound and strong as it needed to withstand blasts from torpedos – and light, so that it wouldn’t add too much weight to the boat. Now, the life expectancy of the chair is believed to be 150 years. There’s no doubt that the ones made in my parents’ generation will outlive me.

But this Superman chair should not sacrifice the ideal of comfort to produce its outlandish strength.  The seat of the chair has the configuration of a backside – but not just any backside. The legend from within the Emeco factory is that the iconic backside of Betty Grable was used as inspiration for the Navy Chair’s seat.


Navy Chair by Emeco

The Navy Chair by Emeco |


We hope you’ve liked this Friday’s Fun Fact! Visit Smart Furniture to read about the entire history of the Emeco Navy Chair.  Tune in again next week for another morsel of information to fascinate your mind and imagination.

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