Father’s Day Is Almost Here! All Hail The Patriarchs!

Father’s Day Is Almost Here! All Hail The Patriarchs!


This Sunday, June 16 is Father’s Day, and we’d like to share some of our favorite dads!

I, for one, am sad that I won’t be able to make it home to visit my dad this weekend, but Dad will not be far from my mind at all – and he has a pretty sweet gift in the mail! So in honor of Father’s Day, I will take moment to gush about the #1 man in my life.


Kevin C. -  The Most Interesting Man In The World

Kevin C. – The Most Interesting Man In The World.


My father is seriously cool (If you couldn’t tell). Dad grew up all over the world, living in England, Spain, Puerto Rico, and several cities in the US – and I’ve always been jealous of this! Thanks to him, I have a thirst for travel and culture and also an open mind for new things and experiences. He educated me in excellent music, good food, and great action-packed movies. He took me to my first concert at 16 – The Rolling Stones (We’ve seen them twice more since then) – and helped me realize golf was not the sport for me at an early age. He was always the “cool dad” on the block, and my friends and those of my brothers are always eager to hear a good story from – or drink a fine beverage prepared by – “Papa Coll.”

There was always a semi-joking rumor that my father’s worldly travels for work were for more than just “Sales” – the long-held suspicion that he is a secret agent or in the mob has neither been confirmed nor denied. My dad has always supported me in all my endeavors (except dating) and has always been a great inspiration for me and my brothers. He really is the “Most Interesting Man In The World”. Recently he had an unexpected heart surgery to remove blockage that could have at any moment claimed his life. I can’t imagine life without my Dad. I’m so glad that he is on the road to recovery and I can’t wait til our next adventure!

I could go on and on … but let’s hear some more about the Dads of Smart Furniture! We have some pretty great ones right here in our office as well as the ones who raised us. Here are some of the great men we wish a very Happy Father’s Day to this year:


This Father’s Day is a very special one. My dad was recently diagnosed with a rare kidney disease and just started taking dialysis 3 times a week. I am so proud of him for being so strong through it all. I have so many great memories with my dad. This is the man who taught me how to fish, play golf, appreciate good music, and most of all love this marvelous fishbowl we call life. Thank you dad, you rock!
– Jess G.


Jess's dad, Jim, her daughter Stella, and Jess.

Jess’s dad, Jim, her daughter Stella, and Jess.


He’s my homey, without a doubt. No words for how awesome he is.
– Kenny T.


Kenny as a baby and his Dad.

Kenny as a baby and his Dad.


My dad is the smartest man that I know. I got a lot of my awesomeness from him. I love to sit and have deep conversations with him, whenever I have a chance. He’s very wise and always gives great advice. I love my dad!
-Deb M.


Deb and her dad

Deb M. and her dad.


Aside from being rock-steady and the most loyal man I know, my dad has been more than just a figurehead in my life. When I hated it, he made me learn cello – even teaching me when he was exhausted – knowing that later in my life I’d love to play, as I still do. Whether it was moving to Washington State without a job, moving to Japan, or starting a completely new career that I had no experience in – in a state that was far away from our home of Chicago, he’s been very encouraging. He’s shown me what it means to trust Jesus, and what it means to be a father who gives his family everything he has. Growing up and never having to worry about whether or not my parents were going to stop loving each other was bigger than I realized at the time – and the greatest gift he ever gave to me, even though he’s given me some great ones. Happy Father’s Day, dad! You’ve set a good example for me, and you’ve blessed my children through your example. And when the Bulls won the championship and you drove us pell-mell around Chicago with all of us hanging out the windows and banging drums and cymbals, you didn’t even complain when your car’s paint turned up scratched and nicked from all our wild celebration!
-Mark R.


So Many Ricos! Mark Rico's father, Dave, with one of Mark's daughters.

So Many Ricos! Mark Rico’s father, Dave, with one of Mark’s daughters.


Super Dad and Founder Stephen Culp with world famous daughter, Lily!

Super Dad and Founder Stephen Culp with world famous daughter, Lily.


Natalie B. and her Dad!

Natalie B. and her Dad.


One cool Dad! Caroline has been riding Harley's with her dad since she was little!

One cool Dad! Caroline has been riding Harleys with her dad since she was little.


Matt and Matt Sr. This is one fun loving Dad!

Matt and Matt Sr. This is one fun loving Dad!


Studio Manager Leslie and her father!

Studio Manager Leslie and her father.


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